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Recruitment Info

Immediate Needs

Tanks: Exceptional tank with robust raiding history at a high level only (preferably comfortable playing multiple tank classes)

Melee DPS: Death Knight, Rogue, Enhancement Shaman (With Ele OS) and Monk.

Healers: Priest (Must be strong at both Disc and Holy) and Shaman (With an Ele-offspec)

Range DPS: Warlock and Boomkin

Raid Schedule and Attendance

The following is our raid schedule, in Pacific Time (Lightbringer server time).

  • Tuesday: 7:30p - 10:30p
  • Wednesday: 7:30p - 10:30p
  • Thursday: 7:30p - 10:30p
  • Invites start between 7:00p-7:15p
  • 2-3 weeks front-loading each tier at the start of progress on a custom schedule

All raiders and trial members are expected to uphold 100% attendance during progress (front-loading) and over 90% attendance over the course of each tier.

Everyone that joins will see raid time and be given the chance to stand out and earn a raid spot. Understand that while progressing in new content we will do whatever is necessary to make the encounters as easy as possible, which means raid stacking if required. There will be bench time, that is a reality, however we try and maximize the amount of in-raid time each individual will experience. We need to be able to contact you very quickly if you are sitting out; for this purpose we require all raiding members to be online (in-game or in mumble) during our raid times in case we decide to change the comp, have an emergency where a player needs to leave or to swap people in and out based on kill and loot needs.


This is the act of putting in extra effort, in the form of additional hours/days or a combination of both, at the release of new raid content to be more competitive, learn the mechanics when they are the hardest and achieve earlier kills, period.

The degree of additional time will be based on the majority of player availability around the time new content is scheduled to release and will be scheduled in advance.

Currently we are putting in an extra hour on each raid night along with 1-2 extra days of raiding for roughly a 2-3 week period when the new content is released and running 1 raid. This may change in the future to where we run 2 raids, splitting mains and geared alts between each raid, in order to funnel gear to our mains during the first week of heroic. This will allow our mains to accrue more gear the first week and give us a bigger advantage going into mythic the second week of content.

The formula is pretty standard and is used by many high ranking guilds in order to remain competitive and achieve earlier progression.

Loot System

Faded Chaos distributes loot via Loot Council. Many factors go into loot council decisions including attendance, tenure, player ability, recent loot rewards and the amount of upgrade items will make to the raid as a whole.

Our goal is to place loot in the best possible slot to ensure guild progression. We want our items to contribute the largest overall team upgrade along with rewarding proven loyalty and dedication to the guild and its progression goals.

Please visit our Applications Forum for further details and to apply for a trial.

We sincerely thank all applicants for their interest; however due to varying volumes of applications only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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