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 Post subject: Faded Chaos Standard Operating Procedures and Policy
PostPosted: March 27th, 2013, 12:15 pm 

The Faded Chaos SOP Manual has been published as a reference for the guidelines applicable to the entirety of the Faded Chaos roster. While it is virtually impossible to define all situations, it must be understood that these policies have been conceived in interest of providing an optimal progressive raiding environment as envisioned by the administrative core. In situations where deviation from this guide is deemed necessary, the preservation of the raiding environment shall be treated as the highest objective. The officer core reserves the right to interpret these policies in the best interest of the guild, and as such subjectively evaluate the performance and adherence of all guild members.

As this guide may be inconclusive and cannot reliably encompass all potential variables of guild operation, certain additions, deletions, and revisions may be in order over time. Each member of Faded Chaos is responsible not only for reading and adhering to this guide, but also to monitor the document for these changes. Any change to this guide will be documented on the Faded Chaos forums.

Members of Faded Chaos maintain their membership at the will of the officer core and, unless specifically stated, nothing in this manual should be construed as a guarantee or contract for membership. The officer core or the member may terminate membership at will.

General Guild Policy

Terms of Membership
Faded Chaos is a progression-oriented raiding guild. Upon accepting invitation to join Faded Chaos, an individual accepts responsibility for all policies listed in this manual.

Membership and rank in Faded Chaos are privileges that may be rescinded upon egregious violation of these terms or at the discretion of the collective officer core.

Behavior and Etiquette
Faded Chaos aims to be a functioning part of the Lightbringer community. As such, we expect all of our members to behave in a professional and civilized manner in all personal dealings and communications. We take this policy extremely seriously, and violation may be grounds for immediate dismissal pending investigation.

Members are expected to display good taste and tact in their use of open chat channels and forums. Excessive “trolling,” profanity, verbal abuse, “flaming,” etc in these venues may result in disciplinary action.

Members are expected to treat one another professionally and with respect. While conflicts between members are impossible to avoid, we do expect each member of Faded Chaos to approach such situations with dignity and tact. The officer core is available to facilitate mediation for any conflicts that may arise, and members should not hesitate to request such a service. Officers reserve the right to call members into mediation in situations where conflict is affecting performance or raid operations.

Members are to approach their dealings and relations with honesty and integrity.

Extraguild Relations
Faded Chaos raid strategies for current content are considered to be private, and are not to be disclosed to individuals outside of the guild.

If a member of Faded Chaos is approached by an individual or group seeking trial membership, that individual or group is to be directed to an officer. Negotiations and invitation by non-officer personnel are prohibited.

Guild Policy by Rank

Initiate Rank
The Initiate rank is reserved for new members of Faded Chaos recruited specifically for the purpose of evaluation for full Raider rank and inclusion in the core team. This trial membership begins upon invitation to the guild by the current recruitment officer, and lasts two to six weeks, during which the individual will be assessed for performance, attendance, and overall value to the team.

Each initiate is responsible for all items included in the “Raider Responsibilities” section. Adherence (or lack of adherence) to these guidelines will impact the result of the trial membership.

Initiates are ineligible to benefit from any membership benefits involving the guild bank.

Initiates are indeed eligible for raid inclusion and to receive loot at the discretion of the loot council. However, raid composition and loot distribution will always be aimed to providing an optimal raiding environment, and initiates should understand that their invitation to join the guild does not entail a certain guarantee at receiving gear or preferential raid inclusion.

Notably, on occasion recruitment falls in such a fashion that we recruit a group of people at the same time--often individuals who share a bond of friendship, family, or past raid experience prior to joining Faded Chaos. It is important that initiates from such a background understand that their trial will be assessed as individual entities in accordance with our officer core's current standards of evaluation.

Member Rank
The Member rank is reserved for individuals who are associated with Faded Chaos by acquaintance or history. Friends and family of raiders and our casual personnel are always welcome among us.

Members enjoy a small degree of guild bank privilege, but will generally not be considered for raid position or loot unless otherwise stated by an officer.

Members are still responsible for the guidelines stated in the General Guild policy section, but are not responsible for those stated under “Raider Responsibilities.”

Raider Rank
The Raider rank is reserved for active members of the core Faded Chaos raid team. Raiders are members that received promotion after assessment during their trial membership, and now enjoy the benefits of core inclusion and guild bank sponsorship.

Each raider is responsible for all items included in the “Raider Responsibilities” section, and is expected to adhere to these guidelines. Raider rank is a privilege, and not an entitlement. This privilege may be taken away at the discretion of the officers based on lack of adherence to the standard operating procedures.

Raiders are eligible for all benefits outlined in the “Raider Benefits” section, for raid inclusion, and to receive loot at the discretion of the loot council.

Raider+ Rank
The Raider+ rank is reserved for raiders who have proven themselves extraordinary in both raid performance and in contribution to the guild.

Each Raider+ receives access to officer chat, is allowed input in the loot council, and is granted a voice in administration.

Raid Responsibilities
All Faded Chaos personnel of initiate, raider, raider+ and director rank are responsible for adhering to these guidelines, which pertain to raid preparation and performance, in addition to the rest of the policies in this manual.

The Faded Chaos core group is your sole and primary raid team. Your lockouts for all current content belong to us. You may not become saved on your main character to any raids in the current expansion without express consent from an officer.

You are expected to show up to raids on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening, from 7:30pm until 10:30pm pacific standard time. During new content releases we also expect to put in some extra efforts which you are expected to show up for, these will be communicated via the in-game calendar each tier. Accepting your invitation to Faded Chaos booked these times throughout the entire duration of your active membership, and 24 other people are depending on you to show up. Forums are available, and multiple raiders and officers have their personal phone numbers displayed in guild note—you are responsible for giving notice in case an emergency situation arises and you are unable to attend. No-call no-show is considered an egregious violation of guild policy, and excessive absences (with or without notice) can result in loss of raider status.

You are expected to have an intimate understanding of each encounter in its normal and heroic mode upon its release as available content.

You are expected to hold an intimate understanding and mastery of each of your class’s specializations. Your offspec is not an option, it is a part of your character and your knowledge of each spec may be considered during evaluation of your general performance. You are responsible for understanding each upcoming class change prior to its release.

You are expected to keep up to date with your main spec’s best-in-slot gear list for the most current tier of raiding.

You are expected to show up to each raid with your main spec’s best-in-slot item modifications, to include gems, enchants, and reforging.

You are expected to maintain two maximum level professions that best benefit your main spec. Herbalism and skinning are not acceptable profession; and mining is only acceptable as a profession for tanks who highly value stamina.

You are responsible for your internet connection and computer’s health. Failures in these areas are not acceptable excuses for absence from raid or for poor performance. All raiders are held to the same standard of attendance and performance, regardless of hardware.

You are expected to perform at a level deemed acceptable by the officer core. Proper usage of consumables, cooldowns, and abilities is mandatory. It must be understood that performance during raid hours is one of the foremost determinants of continuing raider status.

You are expected to show up to each raid on time and prepared. You must have sufficient consumables to last you through the entire raid, to include potions, flasks, and food.

You are expected to remain at your keyboard throughout raid time, except during sanctioned break time.

You are expected to register for an account on the Faded Chaos forums, and you are responsible for the information in mandatory strategy sections.

Finally, you are encouraged to promote the values and the health of the guild through whatever means necessary. This may include assisting in the scouting and recruitment process, or contributing to the guild bank in times of need.

Raider Benefits
Each initiate, raider, raider+, and director enjoys certain benefits and sponsorship to assist in the operation of an optimal raid environment. Initiate-ranked individuals may not benefit from any items in this section pertaining to the guild bank.

You may use the guild and its members as a resource for improving on your game. You are entitled to receive the advice of your fellow officers and raiders in regards to performance.

You may at any time request mediation for conflict between yourself and another member in guild. This service is provided by the officer core, and is aimed to providing an acceptable social environment and guild “workplace.”

You have the right to file a formal complaint or suggestion. We are not infallible, and often certain considerations are overlooked. If you feel that a piece of loot was unfairly awarded, or that you have an idea on improving guild operations, please do not hesitate to contact an officer. While the loot situation is often irreversible, a legitimate complaint will hold weight in future loot council decisions.

Members, raiders, raider+, and officers receive a daily stipend for sponsored gear repairs. This amount scales with rank, and its availability is based on the current financial state of the guild bank. Repairs are subject to adjustment without notice, and may be deactivated at times based on officer discretion.

You may contact an officer at any time to purchase consumables from the guild bank (while supplies last). Raiders, raider+, and officers may purchase these items for 50% of the fair market price. Items purchased at this rate must be used during raid time. Resale of such items at full market value will likely result in termination.

You may contact an officer to request a weapon enchantment. Availability of these enchantments is based on current guild bank financial situation, and the availability of enchanting materials.

You are free to do with your time what you will outside of sanctioned raid hours. Overtime will not ever be mandatory. If you have to go at 11:30pm and we’re 1% short of a new progression kill, your departure will not be held against you. I will, however, be quite sad.

Raid and Operation Policy

Raid Mission Statement
The primary goal of Faded Chaos is to provide a serious raiding environment aimed towards experiencing and overcoming all available raid content each major content patch, and doing so in the most efficient and timely fashion possible.

The Golden Rule: The Show Must Go On
The show must go on. Raid hours are designated towards achieving the raid mission statement. Any and all actions or behaviors that inhibit this may result in disciplinary action. Undue delays, leaving raid, unapproved hearthstone activations, and quick little trips to town to upgrade your new loot while the rest of us do trash—these things all hinder progress, and are unacceptable.

We get it. Some raid nights will be miserable wipefests. Sometimes you’ll get fed up with a fellow raider, or an officer, or a loot decision. Sometimes a conflict will arise and you’ll think “Screw it, it’s a game, I’m out of here.”

In these situations, we urge you to remember the golden rule. The show must go on. During raid hours, you are on our time. It may be a game, but you have a raid full of other people depending on you to do your job and operate as a professional. We’ll sort things out at 11:31—until then, you’re on the clock.

The Bench
The bench is a necessary evil of any raid team. While we have no desire for people to miss out on their game time or their shot at loot, it’s just impossible to get exactly 25 people to show up every time.

Raid composition is a tactical decision made in joint by the officer core. We take many factors into consideration when deciding the group lineup—performance, loot needs, trial evaluation, raid utility, punctuality, and rank may all be given weight.

In accordance with the golden rule, complaints about the bench should wait until after raid hours.

While on the bench, players are still a part of the raid, and if needed must become available for summons without undue delay. If an individual on the bench wishes to log over to an alt, or log offline, then he must remain available by mumble and whisper if he is online, or telephone if he is offline. Failure to be available while on the bench is treated exactly the same as if a player had simply logged off without warning during raid hours.

If you are in the raid group and you know that a player on the bench needs loot from a boss you do not, then you may make a brief inquiry with an officer. We may accommodate these requests if we are conveniently able to do so.

Live streams of raid progress are available upon request, so long as resources to do so are available. Viewing these streams is recommended for persons in group 6--especially initiates.

Carebear Cousins
On occasion that Faded Chaos is unable to field 25 acceptable raiders on a raid night, often "Carebear Cousins"--or individuals outside of the main guild with whom we have raided in the past and know that they are able to pull their weight--will be called in.

Carebear Cousins are invited only at the discretion of the officers. While they are not bound to the expectations of our raider core, those who unduly inhibit the raiding environment will simply be replaced or not invited to return.

Importantly, Carebear Cousins are not subject to the jurisdiction of the Loot Council. In occasions where such an individual desires an item, he will simply /roll against each raid member that would have normally bid on that item. If the carebear cousin wins the /roll, he receives the item. If any guild member wins the roll, then the loot is awarded at the discretion of the loot council.

Often times, weapons, trinkets, and tier pieces are items in high demand among the raid core. Carebear Cousins are invited with the understanding that we will likely strongly wish to keep such items in the guild, and that their right to bid on such items may be forfeit in interest of improving our raid environment.

The Loot Council
Faded Chaos employs a loot council as our primary means of distributing loot in the 25 man main raid environment. We have elected this method due to its ability to best provide equipment exactly where it is needed for the raid team.

Upon completion of a raid encounter, each individual item will be linked in raid warning by the current raid’s loot master. Each player that desires the item should then use raid chat to link their current best equippable item for that slot in their stated spec, and use certain abbreviations to tag their post and communicate its designation.

MS = Mainspec
OS = Offspec
BIS = Best in Slot. Normal-difficulty items are understood to be pre-heroic BIS. Loot messages that neglect this tag are assumed to not be best in slot.
SIDEGRADE = …side-grade.

After a brief period of deliberation, the item will be distributed to the individual chosen by all persons on the loot council. Raiders that desire the item and did not make their post before the item was assigned have lost their opportunity to bid on the item. Certain considerations may be made in special situations.

When the loot council awards you an item, you become part of the loot council. If you wish to pass your item to another raider, please first ask an officer to ensure that there are no outstanding circumstances of which you are not aware. If you have made it known you passed an item, you will not be considered to have kept it in future deliberations of the loot council.

Officers reserve the right to request a URL link to the best-in-slot list you are using at any time. If an individual is suspected of raising the BIS flag for extra weight in loot council deliberations for the sole purpose of scoring a quick upgrade, the subsequent investigation will likely result in disciplinary action—either for your lack of knowledge of your BIS list causing harm to the raid, or on grounds of integrity.

As stated, raiders are expected to link their currently best item level available piece of equipment when bidding on loot. Linking a lesser item than your current highest ilevel item, even if the lesser is better itemized, is not acceptable.

The loot council takes multiple factors into consideration when assigning gear, and each loot assignment will always be aimed to best benefit the raid team. The following points are all given weight during deliberations:

- Merit, to include reliability, rank, and performance
- Best-in-slot listing
- Degree of upgrade from currently equipped item
- Other recent loot designation
- Current raid needs—i.e. if more raid dps is needed to overcome certain encounter checks
- Tier set piece progress

Often, many qualified individuals will be interested in the same item. In such cases, at the discretion of the loot council, these raiders may be asked to simply /roll on the item in question. When multiple equal assets would benefit equally, we feel it may be best just to let fate decide.

Loot Complaints
While there are many advantages to a loot council system, there are some disadvantages as well. Loot is assigned based on brief, subjective decision through officer chat. There may be times when the officers fail to assign an item where it truly needs to be to best benefit the team.

Raiders are expected to approach these situations with dignity and tact. There are no exceptions to this.

We understand that the loot council is far from infallible, and we are interested in hearing feedback from our raiders. If you are able to present any remotely valid argument for why an item should have been given to an individual other than its actual recipient, your points will be taken into consideration during future deliberations of the loot council, even if we may not agree.

We would much rather you come to us with a polite query rather than suffer in silence. However, excessive and undue loot complaints will likely be ignored.

Unless a situation arises where the officers have obviously made an egregious error, loot complaints made to officers are to wait until after raid hours

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